About Us

We’re a family-owned business. After finishing law school, we knew we wanted to offer an alternative to the traditional law firm model of billing for every minute and hiding behind a mahogany desk. We’re business owners and a family so we understand how many different things you have to manage at home and/or in your business. You started this journey to provide yourself and your family with some autonomy and we can help you protect that legacy. Our clients turn to us for objective guidance when making any important family, financial, or business decisions. Learn more about our Services.

A bit about us…

We work with fellow adventurers and serious business owners, who don’t take themselves too seriously. Life is an adventure, but every adventure has its setbacks and hurdles. We simply want to provide you with the locals’ map to the beach. Learn more below about the Lawyer-Humans who make up LayRoots.

The Lawyer-Humans®

Shreya Ley

Shreya Ley

Shreya will challenge you to a dance-off to settle disputes and describes herself as a “third culture kid.” She is originally a child of the global economy and knows too much about the oil & gas industry. She’s pleased with Seattle, but often travels back to Houston, TX for LayRoots and for the family business she started with her father. She started her career as a creative writer and ballet dancer, but found it difficult to achieve much success (while alive) in the fields if no one sees your work. After a brief stint as a college radio DJ, she resigned herself to working as a Chemical Engineer in the Oil & Gas world of Houston before going to law school.

After law school, she has worked with inventors, entrepreneurs, “idea-people” and Microsoft before starting LayRoots to work with inventors, entrepreneurs, idea people and family businesses.

Special Interests – The Lawyer-Human Show, paddling around on a surfboard (but never standing up), Snowboarding, talking to people, cooking, and rock climbing.

Colin Ley

Colin Ley

Colin often describes himself as “just a boy from the mountains” as he fixes his bolo tie and hitches his thumbs in his suspenders. He is originally from Albuquerque, NM and although he misses the green chile (yes, with an “e”), he is happy to call Seattle home. He started his career as a drummer in a punk rock band. He found that didn’t quite pay the rent, so he moved on to protecting consumers from unscrupulous and dishonest companies in the consumer protection division of the NM Attorney General office, then started his own solo practice helping disabled folks get their Social Security benefits. He brought this drive to help people and his love of railing against the “man” to LayRoots as an Asset Protection and Estate Planning guru.

Special Interests – Conspiracies, Surfing, Snowboarding, Fishing, Being an amateur Toyota mechanic, and rock climbing.

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